How do I gift a Pro subscription on Android?

It's not currently possible to gift a subscription on Android, but there are some workarounds to accomplish the same goal: gifting a month or a year of Pro to an Android user.

Option 1: Send Google Pay Money via Gmail

When you send Google Pay Money, the recipient can use it to pay for items from the Google Play Store. To do it, follow these steps on your phone:

  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Draft an email to the Google account email address they use on their phone.
  3. Tap the attach button and select “Send money.” Enter your payment info when prompted if you haven’t already done so.
  4. Enter the amount of money the subscription costs.
  5. Add a memo if you’d like and tap “Done.” 
  6. Send the email.

More info from Goole on how the receiver can use it to purchase Pro.

Option 2: Buy a Google Play Gift Card

To send a Google Play gift card online, follow these steps:

  1. Go here:
  2. Choose the design of the card.
  3. Choose the amount of credit you want the card to hold.
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address and all the additional information that’s required. You can even choose whether you want the card to be delivered right away or at some other time. 
  5. Tap “Buy now.”

More info from Google on how the receiver can redeem a gift card.

Once the receiver has gotten your gift, all they need to do is use it to subscribe to Pro.

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