Training Max Auto Increase

For Pro users. Training Maxes by default will auto-increase when you hit a PR or if you complete all sets for a cycle at the prescribed amount of reps and weight. You can customize how Training Maxes increase when editing a template.

When editing a template you can change how the automatic increase works:

1. Automatically increase when hitting a PR or the prescribed reps/weight in a cycle (the default)

2. No auto increases

3. Auto-Regulation. This option will increase or decrease your Training Max on a daily basis based on your results from a PR set.

Updating Training Maxes Manually

If you change the weight of a Main or Supplemental exercise directly, e.g. change the weight of a Squat set from 150 to 160, it will not change your Training Max and it won't change the weight for any other workout.

If you want to update the weights for Main or Supplemental exercises for all future workouts, the best way is to update your Training max which is used to calculate all the weights for the cycle. You can do that on the Workout tab, tap the cycle name at the top of the screen and you see a list of Training Maxes used for that cycle. If you increase the Training Max it will increase the weight for all other workouts.

Assistance Exercises

Assistance exercises don't automatically increase (yet), but when you change the weight directly it updates future workouts. So if you are doing sets of curls 10 reps x 25lb and then you change the weight to 30lb, all future curl exercises will be updated to.

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